Serverstatus: Online

Rules for the server.

-Don't build near spawn.

-When building large structures try to plan ahead. Don't go building right next to someone else's creation if they don't want to. Talk with people involved before you start building.

-Do not add/remove/modify blocks that are not yours

-Do not make changes to other people's creations or attempt to infringe on their building space without their permission. If you're unsure if something belongs to someone, assume it does. 

-Nothing crazy near spawn ( penis, symbols, personal beliefs, etc) build it elsewhere

-Secure building land / plot with a sign or 1 high wall around area

-Mark your buildings with signs indicating that it's yours

-Respect all signs posted on another user's work

-If you choose to end your stuff's life or abandon it. CLEAN UP after yourself. DO NOT leave a mess behind. 

-Put back sapplings once you cut down a tree (destroy leaf blocks till they drop sapplings). That way you're sure everyone around has enough wood later.

-"Floaters" These are trees or blocks that are just suspended in the air. These are not allowed. If you chop down a tree, chop it down fully

-Do not use Water/Lava Buckets outside of your own area, it can be very destructive to others works

-Dont set trees on fire, they risk setting large portions of the landscape on fire and making a huge mess

-The use of third party programs to modify your effect on the server is not allowed.

-Do NOT raid chests

-If you have spare loot please fill the community chests at spawn

-Do not unnecessarily extend the map, ask an admin if it is ok to explore a certain distance in any direction that is not currently explored

If you don't follow these simple rules you will get:
Jailed (We have a jail on the server.)